The January Transfer Window Conumdrum

The January transfer window can turn the tide in a season or continue the tide. The January Transfer Window offers teams a second chance at signing players but the cost of doing business in January is much greater. Teams are less likely to sell and the teams looking to buy in the market and going to have to pay a premium on top of a normal selling price to even get teams interested.

With 1 week left in the transfer window there has been no major transfers involving the big teams with the money to spend. In the Football League there are moves all the time as the teams pushing for promotion look for players to help them over the line. Most of these are short term deals or players who’s contracts are up in the summer and loan deals are pretty common too but in the Football League teams have until March to bring in loans.

The Premier League has been unusually quiet in midseason recruitment. The top 5/6 teams have stood firm with what they have with no real major acquisitions to help them towards the title. The top teams won’t need much in order to win the title but some of them may need re-enforcements to get them over the line. They all understand the risks of bringing in a player midseason but teams will continue to do it anyway. When Transfer Deadline day comes and Sky Sports camp outside their training grounds and put on a big show teams, particularly at the top end of tables, will do well to stay with what they have unless there is someone who becomes available that will instantly improve them.


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