Superbowl 50: How each team will win?

Just TWO days until the biggest game in the NFL. The two number 1 seeds play each other in the Superbowl for the 3rd year in a row. This is a post outlining how each team will win Superbowl 50.

How the Denver Broncos win?

The key to Denver Broncos winning another Superbowl is mirroring the formula they adopted in the late 90s to win the Superbowl back-to-back with an ageing John Elway. John Elway is General Manager and Executive Vice President of Football Operations and with another ageing Quarterback running the ship, Peyton Manning in his fourth year in Denver, will have to use the same strategy to get Peyton his second ring. The key to those Super Bowls will be great defensive play and establishing the run. The last time the Broncos made the big game they were blownout 43-8 by trying to throw the ball and were picked apart by a great defence. They are the top defence in the league and it will be their key to victory. Cam Newton is a Dual Threat Quarterback and stopping him will be the biggest key.

How the Carolina Panthers win?

The 15-1 Super Bowl favourites, Carolina, are searching for their first Lombardi and this is the best chance they have ever had. They have dominated the NFL from start to finish. All teams but one were laid to waste. 15-1 has been a dangerous record for teams and they have struggled to finish the job but this year The Panthers have a simple task in order to win the Super Bowl. Continue what they have been doing all season. Great QB play with pressure from their defence forcing turnovers, much like they did in the NFC Championship. They will have to face a tough defence on the opposite side but Cam Newton has faced the Seattle Seahawks twice this year and he did great against them in both games. That is the key to victory for the Panthers

Who will win?

Now the big question. Who will win? This a tough Super Bowl to predict, much like last year, as both teams are capable of scoring big points and keeping the opposition to a low point total. The Patriots and The Seahawks delivered a classic last year and I feel this year will be another classic. The Broncos and The Panthers match up well and in a similar vein to last year it will be a low scoring game where the teams who want it more wins. Both teams have reasons for wanting it more (Age for Broncos/Manning, A first SB for Panthers/Newton) I feel that The Panthers have the edge and they win their first Lombardi Trophy continuing what they have done all year.

Score Prediction: Panthers 24-20 Broncos. 


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