Super Bowl 50 Review

Tsuper-bowl-50-logohe NFL season is now, unfortunately, over. No more NFL games until the tail end of the year where we can look forward to 21 more weeks of great NFL action. The Super Bowl wasn’t a classic. It didn’t live up to it’s billing as two heavyweights fighting for the prize but it was never going to be as exciting and as amazing as Super Bowl 49. Super Bowl 50, however, showed us that Peyton Manning had learned the lesson of his past play-off and Super Bowl failures.

In the past, Peyton had to do it all but now he followed the formula of his boss John Elway much like I stated in my ‘how each team will win’ post I said that was the key to a Broncos victory and that was what got them the Lombardi Trophy.

From the very start something seemed off with the Panthers and they appeared to never really get going offensively. The Panthers offensive line play was terrible and the Broncos Defence was quick and powerful enough to keep Cam Newton contained and stop him producing Game Breaking runs. Cam couldn’t bail out his offence but showed flashes in small bursts of The Panthers big play potential. The Broncos Defence shut down the Panthers and made the Panthers look like they were 1-15 rather than 15-1 coming into the Play-offs. The Broncos were a question mark to even make the post season after the


Manning lifts his second Lombardi

struggles of Peyton Manning playing through injury and Brock Osweiler being nothing more than solid in relief of the future first ballot Hall of Fame QB. The Broncos defence stepped up in the Play-offs. They were the reason that the Broncos got to the Super Bowl shutting down two other future Hall of Fame QBs in Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady. When the biggest game of the year came along The Broncos Defence raised the bar again and shut down the NFL MVP. It wasn’t pretty by Peyton Manning. It wasn’t the 400 yard, 4 TD, 0 INT, offensive masterclass we have seen from Manning for the other 17 years of his career but it got him his second ring. It has cemented his legacy, if it wasn’t already, Peyton matches his Brother, Eli, with two Super Bowl Rings and there is little doubt about his legacy even if he didn’t dominant the Super Bowl.

The 24-10 Victory was a fair reflection of the game. The Panthers were wildly inconsistent  and showed they have potential but they seemed overawed by the occasion and Cam Newton didn’t handle the pressure well. They made mistakes, as did both teams, but the game didn’t feel like a Super Bowl. The teams played like it was an early season game. Mistakes were plenty. Touchdowns were hard to come by and like I also predicted it would be a close defensive battle. If it was Peyton Manning’s last game then it was one that will mean so much. It wasn’t classic Peyton but it was shut down defence and Super Bowl 50 will live long in the memories of the Denver Broncos but I don’t think it was be ever considered a great Super Bowl.



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