Why do people like being spectators?

sports-crowd1-630x420In a series based around asking fans what they like about sports, why they like the sports they do, what do they find in watching, as well as playing, sports. I will be doing the first one and guests (hopefully) will be filling in the slots in a once a month interview series.

Guest: Me

What sports do I like?

Based on the content of this site it is clear where my two main focuses are. NFL and Football. To me they are the two sports that dragged me in and opened my eyes to sports all over the world. However, they are not the only sports I enjoy. I also enjoy watching cricket and I keep up with results and happenings in the NBA and MLB. My sporting likes are transatlantic and probably very common for a sports fan in 2016.

What sports do I play?

None, sadly, due to a number of factors. These are time related. However, I would welcome the chance to play football again like I used to.

The joys of spectatorship?

As I have said about I enjoy watching sports as much as I like playing, in some cases more. I am a guy that like statistics and weird interesting facts and I feel that sports provides most of the things I enjoy in doing something or watching something. Whenever they are at home I attend Bristol City games and have done so since I was 4 years old. Lots of football fans enjoy watching games on TV but nothing beats sitting amongst tens of thousands of other people on a Saturday Afternoon/Tuesday Evening watching the game as it unfolds and cheering along. One day I hope to have a similar experience with an NFL game.

Teams/Players you support? Why?

Football: Bristol City

Reason: I live 10 minutes from the ground and I have grown up supporting them and I couldn’t support anyone else.

Cricket: Gloucestershire CCC

Reason: The Bristol based Cricket team. It is popular to support Somerset but Gloucestershire are the team that play in Bristol and that is why I support them.

NFL: New England Patriots

Reason: The ‘nearest’ team to the UK but also because I remember being up at about 2am on a Sunday Night in 2004 and somehow ended up watching the Super Bowl which the Patriots won and it sucked me and I have never wavered since. A hugely successful but massively unpopular (to other fans) in the league but you cannot waver.

The other sports I watch (NBA and MLB) I am only a casual follower and to say I support any one team would generous. I follow results and major events but I don’t avidly follow them and that isn’t enough for me to pick a team.


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