The Big Interview

The biggest interview in American Sports has started. The NFL Combine is an opportunity for young College Players to run drills and workout in front of NFL teams. The event is staggered over 4 days with different positions on different days. It helps teams confirm what they have been watching or bring someone to the forefront in time for the NFL Draft. Success and Failure doesn’t really change much as the prospect also have a Pro Day, which is similar to the Combine, but it can have a say in whether a player goes in a higher round.

The first days are dedicated to media interviews with the prospects. The first day of actual workouts and drills are dedicated to Offensive Lineman, Running Backs and Special Teams players. They run the basic drills of the 40 yard dash, Bench Press, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 3 Cone Drill, A 20 Yard Shuttle and a 60 yard shuttle. Not all the drills are important to ever position, as an example the 40 yard dash is more important for Running Backs than Offensive Lineman but scouts will look at the 10 yard split for the OLineman rather than the whole 40 yard time. Then the players will have position specific drills which are more important and you can see the techniques up close.

The second day, which is today (27th Feb), is the day that usually presents the most intrigue as the Quarterback Prospects enter the Combine. Everyone will have eyes on the top QB prospects, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch and Conor Cook. The QBs will have to show Athleticism and a good arm to show teams they are capable of moving the chains.

This sequence continues with other positions in the Combine. Tight Ends and Wide Receivers will be in Indianapolis with the QBs. The Defensive Lineman and Linebackers will workout on Sundy and the Defensive Backs finish the combine on Monday. Kicking the Draft train into full gear. There is money to be made for the young men at the Combine and a good performance, although it won’t change much, can make a difference to some teams.


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