Goodbye to Peyton

Since lifting the Lombardi Trophy in Santa Clara there have been rumours that it was Peyton Manning’s final game in the NFL. There were some who believed that at 40 years old he could come back for one more run with a new team but Peyton Manning has decided that it is time to say Goodbye to the NFL. He has finished his ‘football race’.

Unlike a lot of number 1 overall draft picks, Peyton Manning, not only met the expectations but he smashed them as he broke almost every record that a Quarterback can break. He led two teams to Superbowls and spent most of his career carrying some poor Indianapolis Colts teams late into the Play-offs. He will be a First Ballot Hall of Famer in 5 years when he becomes eligible. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest to ever be a Quarterback in the NFL. He redefined the position and often beat teams at the line of scrimmage as there were not many defences that he couldn’t pick apart at the line of Scrimmage.

This video highlights the frustration that even his own offensive lineman had with Peyton Manning’s brilliance at the line. Just Snap The Damn Ball shows how much Peyton did at the line at his peak. In later years he would become a human tourist video for Ohama, Nebraska as that was his audible at the line.

Number 18 had a hell of a career and as an avid watcher. Thank You for 18 great years!


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