New England Patriots – Positions to Draft

Sometimes it is not a player ability that defines their ability. It is sometimes down to being in a team that highlight your abilities and make you look great. The best players transcend this but for everyone else it is about playing in the right system to make sure that you can get the best out of your short career in the NFL. These are draft selections that would help the teams in question and the players would be the best for each team.

The New England Patriots (60th and 61st Overall) –

The most unique team in the NFL who do things that no-one else would even think of. Under Bill Belichick they went from an NFL who had never won a Superbowl to one of the most feared teams in the NFL. Despite all their success they have glaring holes in their roster. The Offensive Line and a Wide Receiver who can take the top off with his speed. They have no first round pick, due to it being taken away by the NFL, but Belichick has found stars in every round of the draft (and players that weren’t drafted – See Malcolm Butler). They have 2 second round picks, 60 and 61, thanks to a trade with Arizona giving them an extra pick. The second round doesn’t have enough OLineman to see the Patriots with a chance to get one but they should take the best player available with the 60th pick (Unless its a QB) and then address a need with the pick straight after by taking a WR. There should be plenty of WR talent on the board. Neither Will Fuller or Corey Coleman will fall to the end of the second but they would provide a boost to the WR corps. The Patriots would have to trade up to get them and the price might be too high. They should look for value with the WR. Braxton Miller is the player that would best fit. He is a former college QB turned WR with good athletic ability (Similar to their best WR Julian Edelman) It would provide Belichick with a player who can do a lot of different things and we could see a more creative playbook from Offensive Co-Ordinator with Braxton Miller and Julian Edelman on the field at the same time. (Much more of stuff like this).


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