Euro 2016 Team based on Statistics

I have already selected a potential Euro 2016 team based on how I felt England would best fit together as a team. This Euro 2016 team will be based on the best English Players in the Premier League based on the important statistics in each players position. Using existing statistical databases. I will compile those stats into a squad for England’s Euro 2016 campaign. In order to qualify each player must have played at least 10 games this season. Today’s focus in Goalkeepers. I asked some friends who they believe should qualify for the list and there was a short list of three. Joe Hart, Ben Foster and Fraser Forster. There are 6 Keepers that are eligible for this list, including one injured keeper, and I will compare all of those.

Important Statistics: Cleansheets/Saves Per Game/Shots on Goals Vs Goals Conceded


Name Cleansheets Saves Per Game SOG Vs GC Games Played
Joe Hart


61/29 = 2.1 88/28 Diff: 60


Fraser Forster


35/13 = 2.6 45/10 Diff: 35


Ben Foster


31/10 = 3.1 39/09 Diff: 30


Jon Ruddy


54/22 = 2.4 88/34 Diff: 54


Declan Rudd


33/11 = 3 54/23 Diff: 31


Jack Butland (Inj)


102/31 = 3.2 139/37 Diff: 102


Based on the three important stats Jack Butland is the outstanding goalkeeper. He is, however, going to miss the Euros through injury and was unlikely to start despite his statistical advantage over the other keepers.

Joe Hart will be on the plane to France. Of the English Keepers in the PL he has kept the most clean sheets and has the best difference between shots on goals vs goals conceded of all the other keeper. He has the benefit of playing for a top four team and faces less shots per game than the others.

The other two keepers is a much more difficult proposition. Jack Butland was the obvious choice but due to injury will miss out. So that leave it between Fraser Forster, Ben Foster and Jon Ruddy. Forster and Foster have played less games than Ruddy. Forster has double the amount of clean sheets than Ruddy in 9 less games. Which gives Fraser Forster the edge and a trip to the Euros.

The third keeper is likely a contest between Tom Heaton, not featured in the stats due to playing in the Championship, Ben Foster and Jon Ruddy. The edge would go to Heaton, his team are 2nd in the table and looking good for a return to the Premier League. Jon Ruddy has played in a struggling team and hasn’t been a star. Ben Foster has recently returned from a serious injury. Roy Hodgson will likely choose Heaton but based on the statistics, Ben Foster would get the final place.



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