Mid April Blockbuster!

The number one overall pick of the upcoming NFL Draft has been traded. The Los Angeles Rams have moved from Number 15 all the way up to Number 1. The Rams have given away a treasure chest to do it.

What the Rams gave up (According to Ian Rapoport)

Draft picks:

2016: 15th – 43, 45, 76; 2017:1st Rd and 3rd Rd

They got:

2016: No. 1, 113, 177.

This means that a Quarterback is now a certainty to go number 1 overall. The Rams have lacked a Quarterback since Kurt Warner left the Rams over a decade ago. They have a young Running Back who will be a star for the next decade. A Defense that is one of the best in the NFL. All they needed was a QB to over see the operation.

They have 2 realistic options at QB with the number 1 overall.

Carson Wentz – North Dakota State

The 6ft 7 strong arm and mobile QB who is still a very raw prospect due to never playing at the top level of College Football.

Jared Goff – California

The 6ft 4 prospect is the most NFL ready QB in the draft and would be popular with the LA Rams fans if they pick the top QB in the state.

A Potential Shock?

The Rams could shock everyone and not take a QB at the top of the draft. The best players in the discussion are defensive players. There is only one worth considering at Number 1.

Jalen Ramsey – Florida State

This is a player who can play Cornerback or Safety and is the highest rated defensive back in the Draft for a generation. This is a once in a decade player who will be a star in the NFL in 5 years. It would cement the Rams as one of the greatest defences in history and as the Broncos showed you don’t need a star QB to win it all.

This has changed the landscape of the NFL draft and it is not often you see the Number 1 overall pick traded. I will update the USK Mock Draft in the coming week to reflect the trades at the top of the draft. There will also be live updates and reaction to the NFL Draft on April 30th.


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