A Debacle

The NFL Hall of Fame Game is the unofficial kick off for the NFL season and the start of the NFL pre-season. A day after celebrating the legends of the games being enshrined in immortality in Canton, Ohio, two NFL teams take the field next door to celebrate the inductees. This year it was The Packers Vs The Colts, with Brett Favre (Falcons, Packers, Jets, Vikings) put in the Hall for his time in Green Bay, with Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy in the hall of their contributions in Indianapolis.

This year we would have seen a starter! This is a rare opportunity in the HoF game. Andrew Luck was scheduled to play a series at QB and would have been good for The Colts fans to see their injured Franchise QB return to action, even in a meaningless game. Yet, everyone at the game and the new members of the Hall of Fame were denied a game. It was not the weather or a crisis but the paint, used to paint logos and markings on the field, ended this celebratory game. The paint congealed and was rubbery making it dangerous for the players to play and with nothing at stake both teams were ok with the cancellation. It was a debacle that the NFL didn’t need. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t need this setback. He is popular with the owners, though Tom Benson and Robert Kraft may not be amongst them, his image to the NFL fans is at breaking point. He is almost universally hated by NFL fans, whether rightly or wrongly, and this will hurt his time as commissioner as the fans get another stick to beat him with.

We have to wait another week for the NFL to return. This would have been a nice occasion and a good opportunity for players on the bubble to impress their head coaches. Now we have four weeks of mundane, back up filled games to fill the time until Super Bowl 50 Part 2 in Week 1 with The Panthers facing The Broncos again.


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