USK Premier League Predictions

The Football season is upon us, having seen the Football League kick off the football season, the focus will be on the Premier League on Saturday as they start their season. As is tradition, it is time to make a guess at how the table may look come May.

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Tottenham Hotspur
4. Manchester City
5. Everton
6. Arsenal
7. Liverpool
8. West Ham United
9. Leicester City
10. Southampton
11. Stoke City
12. Burnley
13. Crystal Palace
14. AFC Bournemouth
15. Newcastle United
16. Swansea City
17. Huddersfield Town
18. West Bromwich Albion
19. Watford
20. Brighton and Hove Albion

Manchester United, with their pre-season additions, are serious title contenders. Strong, athletic and powerful players are what Mourinho built his team around at Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid with much success. This is now his team and they are in the best position to win a title since Fergie left.

Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City, in the Champions League places. If not Man Utd then one of these three will win the title. Chelsea will be strong again but the loss of Costa will hurt, even with the addition of Morata. Tottenham have failed to capitalise on their best season, no real additions, no major departures. Teams have caught up to, or surpassed, them in terms of quality in the squad. Man City have a great manager and this should be the year we see it. They are not as strong as United or Chelsea but Champions League again with a cup win.

Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton will be in the hunt for Champions League but fall short. Arsenal will be Arsenal, the doubts over the future of star players may linger in the squad and could hurt them if not addressed. Wenger needs to keep his team motivated and add more strength and power into the team. Liverpool added some depth in the window, which is what they have needed. They had to rely on youth players to fill in gaps in the squad, which can be hit or miss but some good experienced depth doesn’t help close the gap on the elite teams. Everton have spent big and lost Lukaku. I am expecting big things from them. Koeman has experience in dealing with high turnover at Southampton and should get the squad gelling quickly.

At the other end of the table, 2 of the 3 promoted teams stay up. With Brighton dropping back down to The Championship after 1 season. Swansea and Huddersfield survive, Tammy Abraham’s goals will be key for Swansea but they will need to replace him next summer when he returns to Chelsea. I am not going to bet against David Wagner keeping Huddersfield up, he defied the odds in getting Huddersfield this far. Wagner knows the exact player he is looking for and how the fit into his system. He has kept the majority of his squad, which will help them early on as the team are together and fluid. West Brom and Watford are probably surprise picks to be relegated. Watford have struggled to find consistency, with high manager turnover and up and down performances in the Premier League. Denney is an excellent player but he can only carry them so far. West Brom should be a mid table team in this division. With Tony Pulis in charge, they are a hard team to gauge but I don’t think they have enough goals in the team to keep their head above water.